Fifth Blog Post

Today, the 115th Congress began its first work day.  Its first self-appointed task?  To dismantle the sole attempt to provide health care for all citizens that our nation ever achieved.

Reagan couldn’t do it.  Previous Congresses and Presidents couldn’t manage it.  Hillary Clinton succeeded in getting insurance for children when she was First Lady, but she and President Clinton faced massive resistance to the idea.  After all, in a Christian nation, who would ever want to take care of children’s health?  President Obama has been the only President to succeed.  Now the Republicans will take it apart.

The Affordable Care Act is a hodge podge of compromises.  “It’s this thick!”  exclaim detractors, gesturing to show the thickness of the average dictionary.  The fact that its thickness as a document has nothing to do with the quality of the law is ignored.  The fact that it started out as thin as the average college term paper is forgotten.  The raw fact that its complexity is the result of repeated attempts by Republican legislators to sabotage it with addenda, changes, and restrictions is completely denied by detractors.

They hate it.  For no reason beyond the fact that President Obama backed it.

For the satisfaction of destroying it, his signature achievement, the Republican members of Congress,- our elected officials who are tasked with “promoting the general welfare” and securing “the blessings of liberty,” and with protecting our rights “to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” -for the pure satisfaction of destroying it, they will deny millions of American citizens affordable health care.

How many unborn babies will miscarry because of lack of prenatal care when the Republicans have their way?  Do not pretend to be pro-life if you have voted to repeal Obamacare.  Many more thousand babies will be miscarried in any year than are aborted.  Sixty percent of women who become pregnant experience a miscarriage sometime in their reproductive years.  Six out of every ten.  That’s many thousands of babies who don’t make it to term every year.  Without prenatal care, there will be many thousands more every year.  Your vote made the difference.

When you deny people access to health care, we suffer.  We die.  The elderly, our grandparents and elder loved ones, will die from preventable conditions because of the lack of care.  Many elderly will have to choose between health care and food, or health care and heat.  This is inexcusable in America.

Early detection of treatable diseases like cancer will be taken away.  People who can’t afford payment must delay seeking health care.  One of my friends died this way – she had no job and so no health insurance for a year.  She avoided seeking medical care because she couldn’t afford an office visit.  For a year.  When she found a job that provided a  policy, it was discovered she had stage three cancer.  It was a cancer that could have been treated if found early.  Within months, she passed.  President Obama’s Affordable Care Act would have prolonged or even saved her life.

The industrialized nations all around the globe have universal health care for their citizens.  Each nation found their own reasonable method of providing it.   No one is dying from overpayment of taxes.

But in America, because of the Republican actions begun today, people, including unborn babies, will die from lack of health care.



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