Fourth blog post

On the eve of the vote by the Electoral College, our Justice Department and other government agencies are beginning an investigation into the role Russia played in the 2016 election.  Russia.  The country with the nuclear weapons.  The country that brought my father into action on an aircraft carrier outside Cuba when that island nation tried to accommodate Russian missiles.

A nightclub in Washington, D.C. recently had to apologize for hosting an evening where young men and women chanted “Heil!”  The photographs show them laughing and jostling with drinks in hand, happily chanting the “rebel yell” of Nazi Germany.

China, having been offended by Trump’s acceptance, –  even possible initiation – of a contact from Taiwan, has militarized an island previously left empty by negotiated agreement with the US, and has stolen a Navy drone weapon.  Trump flippantly tells reporters that the Chinese “can keep it.”

Weep for our country.

When my father left on that aircraft carrier as a reserve Captain, we were approaching nuclear war with Russia and mutual assured destruction.  As President Kennedy said at that time, we would either prevail or we would “have ashes in our mouths.”  For those of you who know nothing about how it is to grow up knowing that your town, your home, is on ground zero, President Kennedy was referring to the total destruction that is all-out nuclear war.  It’s not a movie.  It’s goodbye.

For any country, but especially Russia, to have any influence in our election process is horrifying.  If Trump is guilty of allowing this to happen, even encouraging it, he is guilty of treason.  And now, he has the nuclear codes which control our arsenal.

Weep for our country.

The happy drinkers in the nightclub photographs were young.  But not so young that they didn’t understand what they were singing and chanting.   They have all heard, I’m sure, the ringing words of the Declaration of Independence, the document held in reverent preservation not far from their DC nightclub:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  Still, they lifted their glasses and chanted “Heil!”, saluting the principle that all are NOT equal and that certain men are entitled to kill and torture others, based solely on a notion of genetic or cultural superiority.  This is the essence of Nazi philosophy, the essence also of the KKK’s ideals.  And now Trump will apply this principle to anyone who does not fit in his “white America.”

Weep for our country.

China, that immense and powerful nation, ancient and patient, capable of so much and tied so much into our economy, has called Trump “a child.”  They are already offended by his foolish contact with Taiwan.  They are already militarizing the island they’d agreed to leave empty.  It is strategically important, but Trump has no notion of military strategy.  He never served.  He has no notion of the value, monetary or diplomatic, of that stolen drone.  He never had a job or earned money outside of investments.  He apparently thinks it’s all a big safe marketplace and it’s all about “the deal.”  He is a child wielding his father’s gun.

Weep for our country.

When the voters who supported Trump went into the voting booth, they may have thought they were voting for change.  The right change is beneficial.  This one is not.







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